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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 1, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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mapville is going to be in big trouble. morning. the world's most watched tv event just two days away. the alabama standoff with a 5-year-old hostage enters the fourth day. an explosion rips through this building killing 25. others are feared trapped in the rubble. plus, hillary clinton rides off into the sunset. chuck hagel against down right defensive and lions, tigers and bears. "first look" starts right now. good morning. super bowl weekend is here. fans of the ravens and 49ers descend upon new orleans, the town known for the lavish parties is gearing up to throw one of the biggest ever. and there's a lot to look forward to. jay gray is live in new orleans for us. jay, tough assignment.
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good morning. >> reporter: yeah. i get all the rough ones. good to talk to you this morning. the colors of mardi gras lighting up the dome. comes in the middle of that festival. and a lot of people as you said looking forward to kickoff. but others looking forward to seeing something else. we have a sneak peek at some of what you'll see. >> hey son? have fun tonight. ♪ come on, get happy >> you guys are three minutes late. >> don't be a cloud on our sunny day. >> sir? >> reporter: a lot of fun during
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the break and action on the field and a very special moment before the game. 26 students from sandyhook elementary will be here to sing "america the beautiful" flown in after an anonymous donation after someone paid to have them flown here to new orleans. that's the latest live in new orleans. back to you now. >> all right. that should be a very poignant moment. thank you very much. for the first time since the inauguration, beyonce has broken her silence about the lip sif g sinki sinki sinki sinki sinki sinking con troe versy. >> that settles it. >> at a news conference, she erased all doubts about her ability to perform it live. after the song, mrs. carter took questions and she commented on
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the controversy. >> due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, i did not feel comfortable taking a risk. >> beyonce will be performing the halftime show at sunday's super bowl and says, yes, she will absolutely be singing live. the first jobs report of 2013 will be released this morning. the experts predict unemployment will stay at 7.8%. late thursday, the senate passed a bill extending the borrowing limit but just for four months. tracie potts is live in washington with the latest. good morning. let's get started with the jobs numbers. what are we expecting to see? >> reporter: 7.8% is where we are, 7.8% is where economists think we'll stay. it's below that 200 mark that is a benchmark for continued growth. we're seeing back and forth indicators like more people applying for unemployment benefits in the past week. growth which was lower in the fourth quarter. but then personal finance and
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some other things are up. the economy on a bit of a sea saw. the jobs council the president created, that now goes away. the white house says they have other things in the works with the business community. and then the debt limit. it's been raised. we can borrow more money to pay our bills. but only for the next few months until mid-may. >> all right. tracie potts, thanks so much. the family of a 5-year-old boy being held captive in alabama says they are holding on by a thread waiting for the boy's release. the hostage standoff is going into the fourth day. jimmy lee dike is accused of kidnapping the boy after storming his school bus and killing the driver. authorities say 5-year-old ethan is being held in an underground bunker and reportedly not been harmed. joining me on phone now is former fbi profiler clint van zandt. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> so what is happening in the negotiation process right now? >> there's a lot of things going on.
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basically, simultaneously, they have to be prepared to do an emergency rescue. if they had to. and, yet, they want negotiations to work. that's the nonviolent weapon that's going to carry the day on this. they've given it three days. they know the little boy is healthwise, even though it's a terrible situation, healthwise, he's doing okay. he's supposedly eating. he has medication. the last thing police want to do, fbi wants to do is storm that facility and have a little boy hurt or kill the suspect. they want to give him reasons to come out and tell his story. why he did this in the first place. if they can just be allowed to continue that, hopefully this will have a happy ending. >> clint, you know, every time we talk i ask you this question, what can we learn about the criminal from the crime, the twha boy was taken, the way he is being held, the fact police say he is not harmed. what does that tell us about the
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suspect? >> i think we have someone with a significant mental health issue. it's been there for a while. we know he shot a bus driver. i think it was likely unintended but nonetheless, that was the result of it. he is using the little boy for a shield. he was supposed to be back in court for the second time. in his mind, i believe he thought he was going for jail -- to jail. he panicked. he thought the little boy could be used as a shield to keep law enforcement at bay while he thought this out. well, he's had three days to think it out. he hasn't made plans what his next step is going to be. law enforcement negotiators are trying to help him put that successful plan together that will extricate both him and the little b little boy without anyone being hurt. i hope he continues to listen to the negotiators. >> thank you very much, clint van zandt. it was a dramatic and
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contentious day of testimony for former senator chuck hagel. the president's nominee to replace leon panetta as defense secretary. kelly o'donnell has more. >> john mccain seized on hagel's vocal opposition to the surge of troops in iraq in 2007. >> the question is were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straight forward question. >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> over his 2008 comments related to israel that a "jewish lobby," "intimidates a lot of people in congress." >> name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the united states senate. >> well, first -- >> name one. >> i don't know. >> hagel was repeatedly pressed by both democrats and republicans to make clear his commitment to israel's security. >> i strongly support israel. >> and clarify his stand on
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iran. he incorrectly referred to the policy on iran and nuclear weapons as containment. >> i've just been handed a note that i misspoke. >> reporter: he said he fully backs the president's position that iran cannot be allowed to get nuclear weapons and says the u.s. should talk to iran. >> that's kelly o'donnell reporting. three stories that will be developing later today. secretary of state hillary clinton says good-bye it's at the white house and then gives a farewell address later in the afternoon. john kerry takes the oath and title of secretary of state. meanwhile, keep an eye on vice president joe biden who is in germany meeting with chancellor angela merkel. now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. chris christie praised president obama's response to hurricane sandy and he says they had a fun chat at the white house later about how much money the government would give to the victims in new jersey. on monday, governor christie
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sits down with david letterman. he's been known to make jokes about christie's weight. he says he hopes they're funny. mitt romney's campaign donated $90,000 to the red cross to help victims of soup storm sandy. geraldo riff yar is considering a run for the senate in new jersey in 2014. so that could become a race against newark mayor corey booker who already said he's interested in running for the democratic nomination for that same senate seat. the federal election commission reports that president obama raised over $738 million for the 2012 campaign. final pricetag for the entire 2012 election totals $7 billion. that's a new high. but a new poll says trusting government is at a new low. 53% of americans say they believe the federal government threatened their personal rights and freedoms. and that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." and now for your morning look at the weather. we turn to bill karins. good morning.
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>> good morning. this is a happy friday. >> it is happy friday. we have super bowl weekend. >> a lot to look forward to. >> good weather to look forward to? >> i don't know. that's not the point. good morning, everyone. we do have very cold air once again to talk about. we have snow chances over the next three days. some areas haven't seen a lot this winter. we'll start with the wind chill values in the midwest. just like yesterday morning, another painful day to be outside. minnesota, north dakota, south dakota, wisconsin, iowa, illinois. and now even down into indiana. your wind chills at minus 12 in indianapolis. so this is as cold it's been this winter throughout many areas of the country. we're watching the snow bands coming off the lakes here. we're going to continue from erie to buffalo just around syracuse, watch for snow. we've also had snow overnight in areas of west virginia. i know we picked up four inches in the charleston area and mountains of north carolina picked up a coating. anyone traveling there, use a little extra caution. then, of course, we're going to deal with more storms over the weekend. we're going to have a couple chances at some snow.
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we'll have clipper lows diving down from the northern plains through the area around kentucky, the southern ohio valley to the east coast. not today. as we go through your weekend, we'll watch saturday in the northern plains and then by the time we get to sunday, we have snow on the eastern seaboard. it's one, two, three fluffy inches. but for people traveling on saturday and sunday, it could cause roads to get slippery. >> all right. thanks so much, bill. straight ahead, stocks rock for the month of january. will today's jobs report change everything? a horrific explosion in new mexico. 25 dead, dozens wounded and some may still be trapped in the rubble. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things.
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welcome back. in mexico city, dozens of survivors are still hospitalized today after massive explosion at the headquarters of a government oil monopoly. the cause of the blast is still under investigation. in los angeles, cardinal roger mahoney is no longer
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performing any public or administrative duties in the church. official action was taken in response to the priest abuse scandal and showing that mahoney and others tried to conceal abuse of children to police. we have new video of a very rare white tiger cubs born at a private zoo. these rubs are all doing well. they're very cute. they're only about 300 white tigers worldwide. and some very cute pubies are getting ready for pubby bowl nine, a traditional on animal planet. they get a good view of the action and the cheerleaders will perform. you don't want to miss that kit qui halftime show. and for the world of animals predicting super bowl champions, we have a grizzly bear named ozzie given a choice of two banana pies marked with the two teams. he ate the ravens pie which may indicate that baltimore is his choice. but then again, he also ate the pie marked san francisco. it could be a close game or he could be a hungry bear. moving on to business, the
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dow shot up nearly 1,000 points last month. the s&p 500 saw the biggest gains since '97. since 1950, january in the black led to full year gains 90% of the time. drug maker merck and exxon and chevron will report today. gas prices are up 13 cents over the past two weeks. the $3.42 a gallon due to rising oil prices. the justice department says not so fast to the $20 million purchase. don't watch football? netflix is rolling out first original content today. a political drama starring kevin spacey. and if you're making guac for the big game, you're in good company. 158 million avocados will be consumed on sunday. coming up next, lions, tigers and bears oh, my plus a super bowl prediction you don't want to miss. and is president clinton teaming up with sylvester stallone? it could happen. details coming up next.
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or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. hillary clinton's next move and the citizenship issue. joining me now is alexander bolton. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> today is hillary clinton's last day. what is her next move? >> well, everyone is anticipating that she's going to be laying the groundwork for run for president in 2016. but clinton says she has absolutely no plans to run. she says she's looking forward
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to more adventures down the road. in the short term, she's going to be working on her health. she's going to be working on -- her focus is getting better. she admitted recently that she still has some lingering health effects from the fall she took because of her stomach virus she suffered recently. so after that, she's talked about philanthropic issues or priorities. so she's probably going to follow in the steps of bill clinton whose priority is to raise money for the global health initiative. >> let's move on to immigration. with the push for immigration reform, there is a lot of controversy over the citizenship issue. what do you think on that? >> that's going to be the make or break question of immigration reform. and the big question, the $64,000 question here is at what point do you begin granting temporary legal status and putting the 11 million illegal immigrants on a pathway to
5:21 am
citizenship? republicans say that can only happen once the borders are proven secure. the question is, who decides whether the borders are secure? what democrats said this week is the department of homeland security secretary should make that decision. that would be janet innapolitan someone who is it not a popular figure among republicans. john cornyn in the senate yesterday said that would be unacceptable to him. that is a major sticking point. >> all right, alexander bolton, thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate your perspective. and now here's your "first look" at some of the other news going on. indiana and pennsylvania, snowy conditions proved dangerous for drivers. road closures and multicar pileups plagued communities and low visibility caused a detreat crash. a scary tumble on to tracks was caught on cameras. a man was stumbling before he lost his balance and he fell over the tracks. we go next to virginia.
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clij students woke up to a nasty surprise. they discovered their cars were flooded. school officials say water from a nearby dam was released after midnight and the university made announcements and even went door to door to warn students. not everyone got the message. when students whose cars were flooded out said they never heard the warnings. and in nebraska, a very special birthday for the zoo's newest editions. five lion cubs are 1 months old. they got little meat cub kamz. they were more interested in bouncing around and playing with one another while they're mom looked over them. how cute are they? question for you? what did clinton, magic mike, sylvester stallone and bruce willis all have in common? the answer is coming up next. hos favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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this super bowl weekend will prove to be a quiet one for the box office. "warm bodies" is the movie you want to see. it take the top spot with sly stallone going for second place. they teased new possible cast members for the third installment including president bill clinton. that's right, stallone said maybe, just maybe we could see clinton in the upcoming action movie. fox celebrated diehard's anniversary by having bruce willis unveil a huge mural. the franchise isn't slowing down with the fifth installment coming out this month. in between the beer ads and car commercials will be a few movie trailers. can you see footage from "star trek," "the lone ranger" and fast six," the new fast and furious film. and "iron man 3" is getting two super bowl commercials with one
5:27 am
costing $8 million to air. wow. finally to the delight of ladies everywhere, including me, channing tatum confirmed he is readying a "magic mike" sequel. from immigration reform to puppy super bowl predictions, here's a look at the week that was. >> immigration reform at the top of his agenda. he wasn't the only one. >> we have an obligation and need to address the reality of the situation that we face. >> from tornadoes to snowstorms, intense weather tore through parts of this country and others. in australia, flooding caused one family to get stranded and luckily rescued. another town in australia woke up to sea foam, lots of sea foam. more amazing video from abroad, this time china where a truck overturned barely missing a motorcyclist. and here is another story, an army veteran who lost all for four of his limbs underwent a
5:28 am
double arm transplant. back in d.c., president obama brought on the miami heat and showed love for hillary. >> in our working relationship, i think what did evolve was a friendship. >> who's the top dog? these are the most popular breeds. while golden retrievers and g-shepherds are hot, these dogs are hip. but not all animals had a good week. iran says they launched a rocket containing a monkey into space. >> they did release a photo. this is the alleged iranian space monkey. i'm guessing he didn't volunteer for the mission. >> and now, back to more cute puppies. >> you got to pick who's going to win the super bowl. are you ready? there you go. the ravens! >> and that's a look back at our week. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned, "way too early" with bill karins starts right now.
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well, i said it. and i don't remember the context or when i said it. if i had an opportunity to edit like many things i've said, i would like to go back and change the words and meaning. i think in a larger context, i said many, many things over many years. i have already stated that i regret the terminology. what i meant to say, should have said, it's recognizable. it's been recognized, is recognized at the united nations. that's what i should have said. and thank you. >> chuck hagel putting on a less than stellar performance during his testimony on capitol hill yesterday. will it matter in the long


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